+About 'JN Customs'©:

(John D Nguyen)

  I am a creative designer/artist that uses a variety of multi-media materials and techniques to develop and create my work. My particular style is a fusion of backgrounds I've studied over the years...a comic book based style with heavy manga influence with a flare of renaissance culture.

Drawing from the story of my own life, what I see around me as well as imagined events is the starting point for my narrative based 'Life' approach. I stretch these experiences and ideas to convey an energized and hard hitting graphic message. My venture into tattooing has given me a broader perception of my canvas work. Realizing the application on skin/canvas is no different from each other has heightened and accelerated my projection of images on canvas. I enjoy doing conceptual pieces on skin that emulate the client, who they are and what they stand by...'Morals & Ethics' behind symbols created. Behind these images conceived it gives the client a sense of empowerment which i draw great satisfaction from.

The counter culture messaging is drawn and worked into the canvas with an intent to open up different realms of realities and imagination to the viewer. I am very interested in creating multiple layers of meanings through a combination of story, conceptual development, drawing and painting. Humor permeates much of my comic~style work.

My other passion is using my creative abilities to help kids transition from problematic lives to healthy living in our 'World' communities. I mentor at risk youth to transform their street sense into business sense. We incorporate their creative energy into numerous merchandise concepts aimed at markets such as clothing prints, artwork publishing, and manufacturing. 

I have established an mentor~ship brand aimed at young people through the concept of life by means of our brand 'HA!'©™ 'A statement of achievement of oneself towards any goal faced.'©

'My philosophy is education thru self exploration and self expression thru art.'©

Finding ones true self through 'Imagination'. 

'By any 'Creative Means' necessary.'©