Tattoo Aftercare Instructions 4 Your Ink

So you've just got your NEW tattoo from us and you have to now take care of your tattoo to make sure you protect your investment.

Step 1) There is 2 ways to get packaged when finished tattooing. Please inform your artist of any allergies. Please read carefully.

a.(Second Skin) You've been packaged in second skin leave this on for 5 days. You can shower with it on but the key is to try to keep it on for 5 days to skip any scabbing stages it may have. Of course this is normal and part of the healing process but second skin is new to aftercare and having it heal up nicely when you take off the skin is important.

b.(Plastic Wrap) You've been packaged in cellophane/plastic wrap keep this on for 3-4 hrs or until you get home.This is to insure you don't get any dirt or foreign substances on your fresh tattoo possibly risking it for infection. Make sure it is wrapped properly before leaving the tattoo studio.

Step 2) In the shower remove any wrapping with warm water disposing wrap in a garbage. Clean the surface where the tattoo is with a non scented soap like dove or ivory removing all excess ink and plasma that may of built up, make sure there is no perfume or scents in the soap as it may irritate the skin causing rashes or breakouts, we want to avoid this. After you're done in the shower pat dry the tattoo with a towel then let it air dry for several hrs wait 24 hrs before applying a thin layer of non-scented lotion. Apply when necessary only when its starting to dry never over saturating it but making sure to let it breathe.

Step 3) After 3 days there will itching and possibly scabbing. Do not pick or scratch your tattoo this is part of the healing process of your tattoo. It will fully heal in 2-3 weeks. To relieve any itchiness use lubriderm non-scented lotion to moisturize it is the best after care lotion on the market for tattoos. This will in turn help retain the freshness of your new tattoo as well and helps with the itchy feeling. If there is excessive scabbing and you are not sure of what is going on do not panic you may inhibit stress on your body and cause more damage then anything. Inform your artist with a picture to decide on what can be done to remedy the situation. If you follow your artist's instructions there should not be any complications arising from your tattoo. Make sure to follow any instructions your artist gives you.

Step 4) Remember if you're gonna be in the SUN put sunscreen on to protect your investments. Try to stay in the shade. NO hard workouts at the gym the first week after, NO hot tubs, pools, or tanning beds for the next 2 weeks while it starts to heal. Remember it takes up to 3-4 weeks for the tattoo to completely heal so be cautious of how you aftercare your new ink. Enjoy your tattoo!! Show it off!! If there is a need for it touch-ups are free within 60 days of from when you've got your tattoo. Contact us on your next ink project and stay safe friends. 


Your artist (Creative Services Director),    

John N.(My friends call me ‘Wing’)🔻

*NOTE:When lotioning your new ink make sure to apply just enough to cover it then massage it in so it absorbs into your skin. That is what keeps it looking fresh & from not drying or scabbing up too much if it does. It is not magic cream that will make your tattoo heal faster so use it sparingly to keep it moisterized.